From our inception in 1987, Smith Transport Warehouse has remained a privately owned asset based Third Party Logistics provider. Currently, Smith Transport Warehouse owns and operates 2,000,000 square feet of warehouse space offering the option of prime food grade storage in two key logistical states (Pennsylvania and Indiana). We have over 25 years of experience in warehousing and distributing food/nonfood products.

Smith Transport Warehouse has the capability to customize our services to meet your demands. We will take every aspect of your operation and integrate it into our own methodology as we specialize in transparent distribution.

Smith Transport Warehouse offers the following credentials to our valued customers:

  • Lean Manufacturing Practices
  • FDA Bioterrorism Act Registration
  • SmartWay Partner
  • Value Added Service Center
  • State Certification for storage of food grade product
  • FDA Product Recall Capabilities
  •  Lot and Production Tracking
  • Cross-Docking Services
  • Integrated RF Real Time Web Based WMS
  • 4-PL Supply Chain Solution Provider

Smith Transport Warehouse Services

  • Warehouse Services
    • Long/Short Term Contracts
    • Cross Docking
    • RF and bar-coding functionality
    • LTL Consolidation
    • Fulfillment (Pick & Pac)
    • E-Commerce
    • Reverse Logistics
    • Value Added Services
    • Transloading
    • Import/Export
  • Facility Design & Construction
    • Dry Storage
    • Tilt-Up Concrete
    • Butler Engineered Standing Roof
    • 8” Reinforced Concrete
    • Emergency Generator
    • Fluorescent Lighting With Motion Detectors
    • Energy Efficient Industrial Fans
    • Vehicle Restraints at Dock Doors
    • EFSR_UL Approved Fire System
    • FM &IRI Approved Security
  • Racking Capabilities
    • Single Select 3,345 Pallet Positions
    • Drive-In 7,960 Pallet Positions
      Push Back 2,459 Pallet Positions
    • Electric & Propane Industrial Trucks Featuring
    • 3,500#, 4,000# , 6,000# & 8,000# Capacity Lifts
    • Push Pull, Carton Clamp, Roll Clamp, Barrel Clamp, Carpet Pole, Double Pallet Handler & Fork
    • Opportunity Charging System
    • GMA & Food Defense Accredited
    • AIB Standards Maintained
    • Audited by Independent Auditing Firms

Smith Transport WMS

  • Our Valued Customers have the option to either install their own WMS System or utilize our in-house WMS Program.
  • We currently run several versions of SAP and J.D. Edwards for many of our Contract Distribution customers.  Our staff is cross-trained on all software platforms and readily available for additional training on any system you may require.
  • Smith Transport’s WMS Provider LogiMax is a powerful, scalable and flexible warehouse management application offering the following:
    • Real time web based access provided ,allows visibility of on hand inventory, inbound, and outbound activity as well as system generated reports
    • Complete inventory control with integrated RF
    • Automatically recognize item velocity, seasonality, stackability and other criteria
    • Seamlessly integrate with any ERP, TMS, EDI or other software system
    • Automatic queuing of fulfillment orders based on inbound carriers
    • Advanced put-away logic that recognizes velocity, stackability, date mixing rules
    • Real-time data on unexpected or time-critical deliveries that require attention
    • Automatic generation of compliant labels for ready-to-stage pallets
    • Automatic order sorting by requested ship date 
  • For added confidence, all inventory records are backed up daily with off-site storage data for all of your sensitive information; ensuring complete peace of mind.

Smith Warehouse Facilities

Our unique location in the heart of America's highways and railways gives us the ability to connect with our customers while transporting their goods with greater speed and efficiency than our competition.

Our Vail, Pennsylvania warehouse facility is strategically located along the I-99 corridor at the Bald Eagle interchange. We are 28 miles south of interstate 80, 111 miles west of Harrisburg, and 118 miles east of Pittsburgh. The following list highlights some of the specifications of the Vail facility:

  • 450,000 sq. ft. facility
  • Located on 25 acres
  • 27’ clear ceiling height
  • 105 Trailer Spots
  • 40 Dock Doors - (9’ x 10’ Oversized Doors)
  • 5 Rail Doors - Serviced by Nittany Bald Eagle Railroad – Connects to NS & CP
  • One-(1) 16’ x 16’ Ground Level Door
  • Racking – Single Select, Drive-In and Push Back
  • 25 additional acres available
  • Utilizing our ISO 9001:2008 internal processes and our Warehouse Management System; we are able to maintain the highest levels of inventory accuracy.

Our Remington, Indiana location is strategically located 90 Miles between Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois along interstate I-65 at exit 201. It features the following amenities:

  • 470,000 sq. ft.
  • Located on 30 Acres
  • 150 Trailer Spots
  • 52 Dock Doors - (9’ x 10’ Oversized Doors)
  • 4 Rail Doors - Serviced by TP&W Connects to  NS, CN, BNSF  & CSXT         
  • Two-(2) 16’ x 16’ Ground Level Doors
  • 28’ Clear Ceiling Height
  • Single Select Racking

Our Bedford, Pennsylvania location is strategically located along the I-99 corridor at the Bedford exit and the I-76 interchange. It is 140 miles from the Baltimore Harbor. It offers the following credentials:

  • 300,000 sq. ft.
  • Located on 16.5  Acres
  • 90 Trailer Spots
  • 36 Dock Doors - (9’ x 10’ Oversized Doors)
  • One-(1) - 16’ x 16’ Ground Level Door
  • 30’ Clear Ceiling Height

The Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania campus is the Location of our Corporate Office and Operations center along with our Maintenance and Trailer Shops.  It is located off of the I-99 interchange at exit 23 and offers the following specifications:

  • 500,000 sq. ft.
  • Located on 43 Acres
  • 189 Trailer Spots
  • 45 Dock Doors – (9’ x 10’ Oversized Doors)
  • Five-(5) 16’ x 16’ Ground Level Doors
  • 9 Rail Doors – Serviced by Everett Railroad & Interchanges with NS