Equipment Maintenance Mission Statement

To provide Drivers and Customers with safe equipment operating at the lowest possible maintenance cost with best image in the industry using high quality facilities, processes, technicians, and leadership.

The safe operation of equipment while providing service to our customers has always been the number one goal at Smith Transport. We greatly value the safety of our Drivers, the general public, and the cargo that our customers have entrusted to us to haul. It is for this reason that we have developed a strict maintenance program that uses state of the art technology to repair and maintain our fleet of equipment. Well-maintained equipment tells a big part of the Smith Transport story because it relates to the high standard of service we provide to each of our drivers and valued customers.

Smith Transport also takes great pride in the appearance of its equipment and our tractors and trailers have always stood apart from our competition. The signature black tractors and matching black trailers are recognized throughout the United States and Smith's elite fleet is known throughout the transportation industry. At Smith Transport, you will enjoy driving the finest, best maintained, and most attractive looking equipment on the road today.