Information Technology

Disaster Recovery Center

Smith Transport has invested in a state of the art Disaster Recovery Plan to minimize any downtime for our customers as well as our Transport and Warehouse Operations. Our Principal Data Center consists of two (2) AS400s serving as the primary for our Transportation and Warehouse Companies. The Remote Data Center consists of two (2) AS400s serving as the back-up for the Transportation and Warehouse Companies. Each Data Center is supported by a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) with 45 minute run time in addition to a 125 KW Diesel Generator.


Multiprotocol Label Switching - MPLS

Smith Transport Inc. has integrated an MPLS Network which is connected to the Cloud and managed 24/7 by a third party provider. Each of our service locations utilizes dual routers along with dual voice/data circuits. The equipment and circuits are sized large enough to conduct the entire traffic load for each facility individually. In the case of a failure with one side of our network at a facility, the smart technology will automatically re-route the traffic to the other circuit; thus minimizing downtime for the facility in addition to our customers.


Operations Center:

The Smith Transport Operations Center is a State of the Art facility designed with digital wall maps and graphs displaying the latest operational information for our Customer Service and Operations personnel. The Operations Center is the central hub for all order booking, tracking and driver communication. We offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for electronic order tenders, status and billing. All of our trucks are equipped with Satellite Mobile Communications to provide constant up-to-date truck locations, on-time status, route compliance, and detention monitoring.  Our real-time web-based tracking offers our customers the ability to track their orders. Also, we offer document imaging and indexing, and a weather forecasting map to assist us in avoiding severe weather which could impact service.


Transportation Application and Optimization Software:

Smith Transport makes use of an industry leader for its Transportation Software Application. This application offers the ability to create customer profiles and orders, dispatch equipment, review order information (current and historical), and provide equipment status and availability. Additional functionality of this application includes a general ledger, billing capabilities, and a shop maintenance module.
We have also invested in a suite of Optimization tools to assist with decision-making and performance monitoring. The application’s decision making features optimized fuel solutions, unit to load recommendations alongside a lane profitability tool. Furthermore, it provides a tool for on-time and out-of-route performance monitoring.


Mobile Satellite Communications Systems:

Smith Transport equips trucks with mobile satellite communication for automatic vehicle positioning with two way text and data communications. These items promote improved fleet management, streamlined communication while increasing the security and safety of the fleet.


Safety Technology

We house, maintain, and operate two L-3 Trans Sim VS IV driving simulator units at our Roaring Spring, PA facility.  These units are state of the art technology that enables us to replicate the hazards and risks of the road without exposing our drivers to danger.  The machines are highly functional allowing us to operate in a multitude of 2D and 3D environments.  Infinite combinations of truck, engine, transmission, trailer, load weight and more are instantly available to our instructors.  We have the ability to build and run our own custom scenarios based on past experiences or upcoming weather events.   We are proud of this technology as it places Smith Transport on the cutting edge of industry training.