Roaring Spring, PA
Located in the scenic mountains of Central Pennsylvania; Roaring Spring is home to our largest terminal along with a full service maintenance shop and the state of the art corporate office facility.

Our location in Roaring Spring, PA is tactically located next to I-99 just south of I-80 and north of the PA turnpike. A state of the art corporate facility with a cutting edge operations center sits on the 40 acre property next to our full service maintenance shop. Easy access to main transportation arteries makes this a prime location.

Remington, IN
Strategically situated just off of I-65 less than 100 miles from downtown Chicago; Remington is home to our Midwest operation.  The large grounds house a maintenance facility and ample vehicle staging.

The ability to serve metro Chicago and Indianapolis is a great asset of our Remington location. An expansive property that houses a maintenance facility and a dispatch center is located directly next to I-65. Midwest service can be handled with ease from this terminal.

Ellenwood, GA
Smith Transport’s home in the Southeast offers a hub right near the action of the Atlanta Metro area.  Everything in the region is right at our fingertips.

Dedicated and over the road operations are run from our Ellenwood, GA position. The Atlanta metro area offers many opportunities for Smith Transport to provide unparalleled service for our customers. The Ellenwood terminal completes the triangle of our service connecting us with the Southeast.