The founder and owner of Smith Transport, Mr. Barry F. Smith, began his storied career at the age of sixteen.  Mr. Smith began his own business by contracting the hauling of milk and cream from dairies in the region. At age eighteen, he began his long-haul career in trucking as an Independent Contractor.

While operating his own unit, Mr. Smith also managed a fleet of five trucks for his father. At this critical juncture, Barry also began to learn the difficult tasks involved in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling a fleet of trucks. With this valuable experience in hand, Mr. Smith set out on a new entrepreneurial endeavor by purchasing and refurbishing long-haul tractors. This was the beginning of the transportation element of the business, as we know it today.

A short time later, the demand for warehouse and storage space in the local area led to the initiation of another productive business venture and Smith Transport Warehouse was established. Successful acquisition of some large, loyal, and dedicated accounts was the catalyst for the phenomenal growth of the organization in the following years. 

The dedication to achieve quality and excellence of service to customers within the company is never-ending. The company has grown from operating five tractors to nearly 1000 units. Warehousing space now approaches 2,000,000 square feet. A full line of logistics services are tailored and customized to meet the unique and precisely defined requirements of a multitude of customers with which Smith Transport, Inc. and Smith Transport Warehouse have forged long-term strategic alliances.