Commitment to Safety

An enduring commitment to safety is part of our daily landscape at Smith Transport.  We feel a sense of responsibility to America’s motoring public that drives us to cutting edge safety technology and instruction.  We own and operate two L3 driving simulators that are made to function in just the same way as the flight simulators used by commercial airlines and the United States Military to train pilots.  Our drivers participate in classroom instruction as well as simulated drives throughout their career at Smith Transport that allow them to prepare for dangerous road conditions in a controlled environment.  We are able to instruct drivers on the essential countermeasures that will keep you and your family safe when travelling near one of our trucks.  This type of experience is invaluable as it promotes deliberate and proven driving techniques that avoid hazardous situations long before they even develop.  When you see our trademark black and chrome Smith Transport truck near you on the roadway; rest assured that the driver behind the wheel is a true professional.